Notre Dame of Maryland University (NDMU) is thrilled to introduce the WOW Festival to the Baltimore community and beyond! The WOW Foundation aims to build, convene, and sustain a global movement dedicated to the belief that a gender-equal world is not only desirable but also possible and urgently needed.

At NDMU, our mission is to educate leaders who will transform the world. Partnering with the WOW Festival allows us to bring our mission to life within our community. WOW Festivals celebrate the achievements of women, girls and non-binary people, while also addressing the challenges they face. These festivals have reached over five million people globally, inspiring change and fostering equality. Join us as we contribute to this powerful movement and make a difference together! 

In these informal sessions, we want to listen to who and what you would like to see represented at WOW Baltimore 2025, the topics you think matter most to women, girls, and non-binary people across the world today, and what WOW should be working on to evolve WOW Festivals for the future.